Work in Norway - construction carpenter

The construction industry is one of the most popular among Poles looking for employment in Norway. When browsing through various job offers, it is worth deciding to work directly with a Norwegian company, and not through an employment agency. As the second largest electric and hydraulic company in Norway, we provide not only safe and well-paid work, but also direct employment for our own projects, which brings many benefits.


Construction carpenter - what does he do?

A construction carpenter - also known as a construction carpenter - makes wooden structures. This profession is closely related to the construction industry, therefore candidates for work should be graduates of a vocational school with an appropriate profile. A carpenter deals with woodworking, and his work is definitely different from that of a carpenter or furniture maker. A construction carpenter makes structural elements of buildings such as roof trusses, formwork, log structures, and sometimes even windows or doors.


A carpenter in Norway

Haneseth is constantly looking for construction carpenters for their own projects. When looking for employees, we are primarily guided by the appropriate experience of the candidates. We want to guarantee the quality of work performed for our clients, so we expect future employees in the position of construction carpenters, inter alia, skills in laying floors using the GRABAB method, building hytt, erecting frame houses, making terraces and facades, as well as finishing new apartments. Knowledge of roofing (roof truss, battens, counter battens, etc.) will be an additional advantage among candidates for work in Norway.


Direct employer in Norway

Haneseth is the second largest electro-hydraulic company in Norway, and thus a proven and safe employer. Direct employment in a Norwegian company guarantees very important benefits to Poles looking for a job in this country. The Norwegian agreement provides, inter alia, full retirement benefits and a holiday allowance of 12%. What's more, working on Haneseth's own projects is the possibility of permanent meetings in Poland, i.e. rotation. Trust a proven employer and start working as best you can.

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