Jobs for nurses in Norway

Many people with professional qualifications think about moving to another country.

Even with a bachelor's degree in nursing and a bit of experience, you can think about working in Norway, where working conditions and earnings are much better than in most countries in Europe. In this particular article, we will give you details about working as a medical professional in Norway and the help that Haneseth Facility AS has been providing from the very beginning.


Basic information before leaving for the country of trolls

At the beginning you must realize that Norwegians are different from us mentally. Significantly.

Here, the nurse's empathy towards the patient is 200%, and employers focus not only on school and professional experience, but above all on soft skills and understanding the patient, as well as empathizing with the family's situation and the ability to talk calmly and explain in a factual manner what is happening at a given moment.



Accommodation conditions depend on the contract, but are always of a very similar level. This is your own locked room in house or apartment, usually with  with other nurses. All the equipment needed for normal functioning is available at home. Photos of apartments and houses are available on our website. Accommodation is most often free. These are rarely small amounts deducted from your salary, depends of the contract, but most of that from number of hours You want to work.



This is usually 37.5 hours per week. As a health care provider, you must be prepared for shifts at different times, which are additionally charged after 5:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. You also need to be prepared to work on weekends, which is normal in health care work.


The basic earnings of a nurse with a bachelor's degree and 3 years of experience are approximately NOK 540,000 gross per year and more, which is beetwen 13500 to 15000 PLN net per month, or NOK 207.70  and more net per hour. Of course, we have extras:

-Evening work - NOK 56

-Night work – NOK 70

-Work on holidays - 133% of the hourly rate

Estimating all this, assuming 2 weeks of work, in the morning shift, one in the afternoon, one night shift, plus one Saturday and one Sunday during the day, this gives us over PLN 16,000-18000 NET per month, which is sometimes three times more than the work of a nurse full-time in Poland, and this is only for 37,5 hours per week. Many times the salary is much bigger.

This information is provided by a nurse who has been working in Norway for several years and is very reliable.

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How long does the contract last and where will you work?

Typically, the contract length is 24-27 months (lenght of contract can be different, depends of facility You are going to work for) with the option of flights home or other destinations in Europe. Work usually lasts 6-8 weeks with the possibility of returning for 10-14 days or longer leave. Depending on the commune (municipality), work is possible in social welfare homes, nursing homes and other medical facilities. In hospitals, rather with previous experience in Norway and language knowledge at least C1 level.


Insurance and flights

When flying to work with Haneseth Facility AS, you will be sure of insurance in the country and throughout Europe by obtaining a HELFO card (Polish EHIC card), which allows access to all countries that are part of the European Union.

Transport is paid for by the employer. However, it may be possible for you to pay for the tickets yourself and receive the money with your paycheck. It should be 100% refundable, however this is limited to contract, hourly rate or other factors. It is possible partial refund of tickets on the basis of 50-75% of the costs covered by the employer, with an agreement for an immediate number of hours or the duration of the contract, e.g. 2 weeks at work and 2 weeks at home.

Additional information

As you can rightly notice, working in Norway with Haneseth as a medical professional brings many benefits. Of course, the obvious thing is wages, but the work system itself looks much more friendly.

Due to language problems, at the beginning you can count on help from your Norwegian friends. You also shouldn't be afraid to ask for help, because we know that the beginnings are the hardest.

Important information is that in some facilities, male medical staff are very much needed due to physical conditions, when working with patients who cannot move or have trouble functioning normally.

An additional advantage here is a 3-week internship in Norway, after passing the language exam, which will help you get used to the new job environment.

Haneseth Facility AS gives nurses and other medical staff the opportunity to fly out and take up work, in cooperation with GUMed (Medical University of Gdańsk) and, as a young staff who want to gain experience in working abroad, as well as any other person who already has appropriate studies and practice in the profession and wants to improve their living conditions, gain experience in working abroad and visit the beautiful country of Norway.

With us, this process is very simple. All you need to do is present your CV and diploma of completion of your field of study, take part in a language course that is paid for by us, pass the exam and start your adventure in Norway.


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