DSB qualifications for electricians - what they are and how to get them

Working for an electrician in Norway involves the fulfillment of important formalities. First of all, you need to confirm the professional qualifications related to electricity. The guarantee of taking up legal work in this country is therefore obtaining DSB qualifications.


What is DSB?

DSB, or Direktoratet for samfunnssikkerhet og beredskap, is the Norwegian institution responsible for the recognition of electrician qualifications. The certificate issued by DBS confirms that the professional skills acquired in Poland are in line with Norwegian requirements, and thus entitle you to work as an electrician. The certificate is a necessary condition to find legal and adequately paid employment in Norway. It is worth bearing in mind that this profession is the best paid job in the construction industry. Even more so, before going to work in Norway, you must complete all the required formalities.


How to get a DSB certificate?

The DSB certificate can be obtained only if you already have Polish professional qualifications and have obtained a diploma in the profession related to electricity. An electrician who wants to work in Norway should send an application to DSB, on the basis of which his qualifications and experience gained in Poland will be assessed. The application will be examined by the appropriate committee assessing the candidate's professional skills in accordance with the European Commission's directive on the recognition of foreign education. It is worth adding that electricians who have obtained the certificate of the Association of Polish Electrical Engineers (SEP) in Poland usually meet Norwegian regulations.


How do I apply for a DSB?

The application for the issuance of DSB entitlements should be written by yourself. It is important to specify the specific profession in which you want to obtain confirmation of qualifications. Norway uses different criteria for the recognition of specialist electricians and different criteria for electrical contractors. 


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The application must be accompanied by a set of documents that are usually requested by DSB:

  • CV (containing information about education and work experience),
  • a copy of the original certificate of graduation in the profession of an electrician or a related profession
  • a copy of the certificate confirming the authorization of a specialist electrician / authorization of an electrical installation contractor,
  • a copy of the certificate confirming the authorization to perform the profession of an electrician or related,
  • a copy of the original certificate of apprenticeship,
  • a copy of the references from the current or previous employer, containing information about practical experience in the profession (gained after obtaining the license to practice the profession),
  • a copy of the original SEP rights,
  • a copy of the passport.


Each document must be translated by a sworn translator into Norwegian or English and certified as true copies of the original by a notary public. School certificates should be validated by appropriate educational institutions. It is worth adding that the ability to use one of the Nordic languages ​​or English is a great advantage of the person applying for the DSB certificate.


Work for an electrician in Norway

The entire process - from the delivery of the documents to the issuance of DSB licenses - takes about 7 to 9 months. It is worthwhile to start looking for employment in the profession at this time, which will definitely accelerate the process of taking up a new job. As the second largest electro-hydraulic company in Norway, we provide direct employment for our own projects. We provide support and assistance in the process of completing the formalities, and most importantly, when applying for DSB rights, you can freely apply to work in our company. Haneseth is a guarantee of safe and well-paid employment in Norway.

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