Changing tires from summer to winter – When can you ride SPILLS in NORWAY?

From the article below you will learn how to adapt your tires to the prevailing weather conditions, when and where you can drive on studded tires (piggdekk), how to prepare for driving in the northern regions of Norway and in which cities you will pay for driving on piggdekks.


Replacin tires with winter ones- general informations

When traveling to another country, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the road traffic rules there. A perfect example here would be Norway, where weather conditions such as frequent and heavy snowfall, low temperatures or ice on the roads can be a real obstacle to driving. According to Norwegian regulations, tires should be adapted to current road conditions. Changing to winter tires in Norway is required because it is unacceptable to use summer tires on people or in snow, as they do not guarantee adequate traction.


When to change tires and which ones?

In most regions of the country, winter tires must be used from November 1, until the first Monday after the second day of Easter. The exceptions are the counties of Nordland, Troms and Finnmark (October 15-May 1).

When using winter tires in the winter season, remember that they must have the appropriate markings:



-MS (Mud and Snow)

-Alpine marking 3PMSF (snowflake against mountain peaks)


You can also choose to use studded tires (piggdekk). They may only be used during the above-mentioned periods, unless road conditions require it.

In some larger cities such as:

Trondheim, Bergen, Stavanger or Oslo

the use of piggdecks is permitted only after payment of the appropriate fee at a daily, monthly or seasonal rate.




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Required tread depth

It is worth remembering not only the tire replacement dates and their type. The type of tread and its height are also important, which in winter must be at least 3 mm for cars up to 3.5 tons. For cars over 3.5 tons, in the current period, the required tread height is 5 mm. Outside these dates, it is possible to use tires with a tread depth of 1.6 mm.

These regulations apply to:

passenger cars, mopeds and motorcycles, tractors and trailers and their equipment.


Winter tires on trucks

From the 2020/2021 season, new regulations apply to tires for trucks exceeding 3.5 tons. The minimum tread required here is 5mm, and the only tires allowed are those with the 3PMSF symbol (alpine), which we are obliged to install on the drive and front steering axles.

Most importantly, during the winter season, truck drivers are required to carry chains to be ready for a sudden change in weather. The number of chains depends on the type of vehicle. These are 3 pieces for cars without a trailer and 7 pieces if the car has a trailer. The chains must be adapted to the drive wheels and one wheel of the steering axle, on the side of the road axle.


Fees for using Piggdekks

Vehicles up to 3.5 tons/above 3.5 tons

-35 NOK/70 NOK per day

-450 NOK/900 NOK per month

-1,400 NOK/2,800 NOK for the entire season


If the driver pays for the entire season, it is possible to cancel the fee. He can then receive a refund for the time remaining until the end of the season. Please remember that tolls apply both on municipal and district roads and in public parking lots.

Payments are made online, via the following applications:

-Bil and Oslo



-Parkering and Bergen

It is also possible to pay at some gas stations, in the automatic machines (piggdekkautomater) there, or by SMS, for a daily rate. Payments can also be made via the website of a given commune. When paying electronically, you do not have to leave a confirmation behind the glass. If the driver has paid a fee for driving on piggdecks in one of the four cities, in the remaining three - if he is just passing through them - he does not have to pay the fee.

Police cars, motorcycles and vehicles whose drivers have a permit to park in a disabled parking space are exempt from paying fees.

The fine for not paying the fee applicable in given cities is  750 NOK


Penalties for non-compliance

Please remember that a separate ticket will be issued for each violation related to tires and equipment in the winter.

The following fines are provided for driving with incorrect tires or insufficient tread depth in the winter season: (the rates may have changed in the meantime)

– 1,000 Norwegian kroner (approx. PLN 415) – for each tire in the case of motor vehicles with a GVW not exceeding 7.5 t,

– 2,000 Norwegian kroner (approx. PLN 830) – for each tire in the case of motor vehicles with a GVW above 7.5 t.

Penalties for missing chains include:

– 750 Norwegian kroner (approx. PLN 310) – for motor vehicles with a GVW not exceeding 7.5 t,

– 1,200 Norwegian kroner

– 1,500 Norwegian kroner (approx. PLN 620)–for motor vehicles with a GVW above 7.5 t towing a trailer with a GVW above 3.5 t.

For missing chains, one fine is imposed.

Most importantly, as Statens vegvesen (Norwegian National Roads and Highways Authority) points out, in cases of serious violations, the driver may be reported to the police instead of being fined. When the vehicle's grip is insufficient, regardless of whether the driver is fined or reported to the police. , he may be banned from driving!


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